Good evening, all-

   We have updated the schedule of events for Anthology. We will be changing the upcoming Mesa Book Festival scheduled for December 4 from an in person event festival to a hybrid event. The hybrid event will still take place December 4, and will still be held at Benedictine University. The details of that event will be made available September 1.

   To say that the change is solely a result of the changing conditions of the Pandemic would not be telling the whole story. It is safe to say, that the Pandemic's resurgence did play into the discussions to forgo the traditional live festival format. But they were not the only reasons for this decision. In additon to the pandemic, there are two large scale construction projects that have been started, literally on either side of Benedictine University. While these projects, when completed, will put many new residents within a 30 second walk of the Festival, that will not happen in 2021. This was all part of the plan when we moved to Benedictine And finally, we entered the month of August without a firm and dedicated planning committee. Even for an event like the Mesa Book Festival, having an effective planning committee is essential to ensuring that as many attributes of an event are considered and planned as possible.

   To that end, we are looking forward to planning a fun, maybe a bit different, hybrid opportunity for Authros and readers to come together and celebrate the vibrant and active Arizona publishing community.

- Bob