I thought it would be appropriate to share some updates on Anthology's 2021 plans. The pandemic has had a huge impact on our plans for obvious reasons, but we are far from silent. The pandemic, for all of it's challenges, has forced us to slow down and reassess what we are doing and how we are doing it. So, 2021 will be filled with alot of organization building to set the stage for 2022 and beyond.


There will not be a 2021 Cirque du Livre Writer's Conference. We'll look at 2022 this coming summer.

We have tentative dates for Roadside Book Festival (September) and Mesa Book Festival (December). Right now, we will continue pre-planning for both, with a keen eye towards the progress in combating the pandemic. March and April will be key months for determining the feasability of those events.

Copper State Poetry Slam

There were plans to resusitate this event, but the pandemic derailed those for 2020. We will look to 2021 to reorganize and relaunch that event.

Arizona Book Coalition

We are continuing work on the Arizona Book Coalition site. It is still very much in beta and we flesh out the social aspects and forumulate a plan for the future. Antholgy has created a special page for updates regarding the organization's response to the pandemic.

Arts Giving Day

Needed more than ever, we will carry forward with ArtsGivingDay 2021, with new images and updated verbiage by the end of January.


AZ PoetryPedia will carry forward as we continue to look to add librarians to continue adding tot he rescrource.

In Summary-

Stay tuned to the Anthology and ABC websites, as they will be wherev most of our information is shared to as it develops. As always, thank you for your support of Anthology.

- Bob Nelson, Executive Director, Anthology, Inc.

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