How can you promote your ArtsGiving Day effort and receive donations? We have compiled a quick tip sheet.

Before the Day

  • Giving should be easy.
  • Making a donation should never be more than 1 click away on your website, and it should always be prominent in view.
  • Make sure you use a platform that your donor will find intuitive, or regognize easily.
  • Accepting credit cards is a must. Donors are comfortable shopping and paying online. Asking then to download forms adds the potential they will never get it done.
  • Donors should know why they gave.
  • Imagine if someone were to walk up and ask the donor right after they hit submit and asked them why they donated. What should the donor say? Make sure that's in your details. If they are confident in the reasons they donate once, they will most likely donate again.
  • Donors should have a connection to you or your organization.
  • Whether it's via email, or an occasional video, special impact report, a thank you card, or what have you- if your donors know you know them and are greatful for their contribution, they are more likely to give again.
  • Connecting should be easy. Signing up for your email list, facebook page or any other connection should be both easy and encouraged. Even if they don't donate today, a relationship managed well can build powerful donors in the future.

Leading Up to the Day

  • Don't surprise your donors, or potential donors. The more notice you give them, the beter your chances of them making the effort to give. Give them a couple weeks notice via email, facebook event or other means to remind them that the special day of ArtsGiving is coming up.
  • Organize your dedicated voices, volunteers and staff. Create a plan for them to share messages and social media around your ArtsGiving Day effort. Everyone can be a part of making the day a success! 
  • If you are conducting any sort of event or action, ask them to share the informations within  their circles.
  • Use the official hash tags, #ArtsGivingDay, #IGive2Arts, #Give2Arts and your own "offical' hash tags as well, people searching for participating organizations are more likely to find you.
  • Make a goal. Don't be afraid to share the goal, People love to be a part of something, and they will share your messages and help you be successful if they know what they are working to achieve.
  • The Goal does not have to be $. It can be number of Donors, or book sales, or Digital file purchases, or even likes and new subscribers and followers. It is what you feel you need to be successful.

Day Of

  • Execute the plan.
  • Communicate the progress. Meet the goal? Challenge everyone to double up.
  • Celebrate the team. Share stories about the people supporting your effort.

Follow Up

  • Following ArtsGiving Day, you can never thank your donors, supporters, staff, volunteers or others enough for their effort. Always make time to show gratitude.
  • Stay on top of your deliverables. If your ArtsGiving Day effort involved rewards or products, make sure you get them delivered as promised.
  • If you have delays, communicate them to your supporters- if they know you're aware and working on it- they will give you the time that you need.
  • The day to start preparing for next year is immediately. Take notes on what went well, and what could have done better. Ask for feedback and be ready for the next ArtsGiving Day!

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