Welcome to a new feature here at Anthology.org. We're calling it the Monday Poem, designed to drop a new poem to you each Monday. The first few Mondays, in order to get the feature moving, will be some hand selected poems. That being said, you are welcome to submit a poem of your own with our submission form and see if you can be picked for an upcoming Monday!


Without Further Adeau, here is the first poem:


Think about what you have done
And tell me what you're doing
Why do you do the things you do?
Is it for attention?
You're the only thing on my mind
Is it for affection?
You're the only one in my soul
Is it out of spite?
I live only for you
Do you really care
What I'll say or do?
What is it that compels you
to hurt me so?
Please tell me
I need to know
Do you need to be in command?
Can all you do is demand?
I beg of you from my heart
is your desire to keep us apart?
come to me now
I'll show the way
Being together at last
I live for that day

Clifford Deere/Uncle Bob

Boutique Cart

No