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What does being a Friend of AZPoetryPedia mean?

Being a Friend of AZPoetryPedia means that you care about the documentation of poetry and it's venues, participants and fans, and want to make sure that there will always be an organization that works to promote and expand their appreciation.

You understand the power historical record plays not just in helping communities build legacy, but in helping communities leverage that legacy in celebration and addition.

Being a Friend of AZPoetryPedia is providing a monthly donation to Anthology, Inc. to use for that purpose.

How is my support used?

Being a friend to AZPoetryPedia gives the organization the strength to focus on collecting the information, and presenting that to a wider audience to keep not just the historical information about poetry in Arizona alive and connected, but also leverage that information to generate new and future participants in the Arizona Poetry Community.

Can my Friendship be anonymous?

Yes. Just select "anonymous" as the recognition option.

"I mean, I do like a little recognition…"

Of course… Our Friends that reach one year of friendship (and are OK being recognized) are listed on the Friends of Anthology Page here at as well as in the AZPoetryPedia Wiki as well.

Is there a minimum length of time to my gift?

None at all. It is your gift to give, and we respect your choice to give for as long as you can. You can activate or deactivate your gift right here from

If my Friendship Gift Tax deductible?

Your Friendship gift is a monthly donation to, and Federally recognized 501c3 organization and Arizona non-profit. Our Tax ID # is 86-1023292. So, while we qualify as an organization that one can give tax deductible donations to, we are a group of poets and writers, you may not want us doing you taxes or giving you direction. Check with your tax guy.