MBF Novel Level Sponsor

MBF Novel Level Sponsor

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The Novel Level Sponsors for the Mesa Book Festival are the most precious of supporters. They understand the value and the importance of literacy and the literary arts to the success of the greater community and they are committed to it's success.

Their investment not only ensures the event's survival, it cements the ability of the event to continue to grow and reach new potential attendees, making the Mesa Book festival a truly regional event.

Become a Novel Level Sponsor of the Mesa Book festival today!

Amount of Sponsorship: $2500

Sponsorship Benefits Include:

  • Sponsor's Logo is listed on each page of that mesabookfestival.com website.
  • Sponsor's Logo (with URL Link to their website) is listed on that year's MesaBookFestival.com Sponsor's Page in the "MBF Novel Level Sponsor" section
  • Sponsor is thanked via Social Media post before event date
  • Sponsor's Logo is listed in the program printed for the day of the event and provided to attendees.
  • Sponsor may provide items to be included in the attendee bags given to attendees on the day of the event. Items are the responsibility of the Sponsor (approx ~500)
  • Sponsor's Logo is printed on the attendee bags provided to attendees on the day of the event. (~500)
  • Sponsor is provided up to 7 "all access passes" for access to exclusive events and signings
  • Sponsor is thanked via announcement prior to each panel on the day of the event via the moderator of the panel
  • Sponsor is thanked via announcement prior to all featured guest presentations via the moderator of the session.

Please note:

This item is for a sponsorship of the 2021 Mesa Book Festival. This is not a donation. To make a tax deductible donation for the Mesa Book Festival, Click Here.