MBF Page Level Sponsor

MBF Page Level Sponsor

SKU: MBF_Page_Level_Sponsor

Our MBF Page Level sponsors are the lifeblood of the Festival. Through their efforts we can ensure things such as our attendees having adequate signage to find their desired destination on the festival grounds, among other critical needs.

Be a Page Level Sponsor for this year's festival!

Amount of Sponsorship: $250

Sponsorship Benefits Include:

  • Sponsor's Name is listed on that year's MesaBookFestival.com Sponsor's Page in the "MBF Page Level Sponsor" section
  • Sponsor is thanked via Social Media post before event date
  • Sponsor may provide items to be included in the attendee bags given to attendees on the day of the event. Items are the responsibility of the Sponsor (approx ~500)

Please Note:

This item is for a sponsorship of the 2021 Mesa Book Festival. This is not a donation. To make a tax deductible donation for the Mesa Book Festival, Click Here.