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The Mesa Book Crawl is an event designed to showcase both the author community and Mesa's Downtown Businesses. In exchange for receiving the traffic generated by book crawlers, the hosting businesses have agreed to host one or more authors in their place of business. Please utilize the following guide in your participation as an author.


This event runs from 11am-4pm on the appointed day. The author is expected to be present from start to finish. Because the number of participating authors is finite, authors that are unable to be available during the entire period will not be able to participate in future iterations of the event. The event is rain or shine.

Location Assignments:

Mesa Book Crawl staff will assign registered authors to available venues. That assignment will be communicated to the Author the Monday before the event.


The author's display materials should be limited to items that can be displayed on a 2'x3' table. A single standing banner display may be allowed (space permitting). 

Items for Authors to sell:

Authors are asked to limit the items they make available for sale to their own books. Please do not bring side merchandise to sell. Promotional material such as posters, bookmarks and cards are allowed. This event is limited to Authors. Publishers and Collaborative Presses are asked not to register for this event, and instead consider Anthology's other events, Roadside Book Festival and Mesa Book Festival. 

Author Responsibilities:

Authors will be responsible for facilitating their own sales. Hosting venues are under no obligation to provide the author access to WiFi or Electricity. The Hosting Venue will not provide any merchant services to the Author. The Author and the Hosting Venue will work collaboratively on accessible table space. 

Authors will be responsible for "stamping" passports of Book Crawlers based on two instances: once when they greet the author and once if the attendee purchases one or more books. The purchase stamp is a single stamp based on a purchase, regardless of the number of books the Book Crawler purchases.

Patience and Understanding:

As this is a first year event, it is important for all parties to feel that the event is beneficial to them. It is expected that after a successful first year, we can continue to add venues and capacity to the event. We ask everyone involved in the event to maintain a focus on helping the event succeed, and helping everyone feel enthusiastic for its success. 


Registration is $45 for a single author. Authors may not share registrations. Refunds for registration will not be provided.