One Time Donation- Roadside Book Festival

One Time Donation- Roadside Book Festival

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A fundraising event in partnership with Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary, this unique format book festival literally on the side of the road in Taylor, Arizona is a great way for authors to share their works with new audiences in Northeast Arizona.

The event is free and open to the public, with indoor and outdoor vendors, access to many of the animals currently being cared for by the Sanctuary and day long learning sessions about how you can help neglected and abused animals a thing of the past.

Your Direct donation to the festival supports:

  • Keeping our costs to vendors, the vast majority are independent authors, as low as possible.
  • Affording us the opportunity to provide world class programming, including speakers, guests and others
  • Promoting the festival and allowing more people to plan their own attendance to this free event.
  • So much more . . .

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