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   As we move into March, and Spring, I wanted to share the latest on our flagship events, the Cirque du Livre Writer's Conference, Roadside Book Festival and the Mesa Book Festival. Safety continues to be the first priority, and we remain cautiously optimistic.

Cirque du Livre

This event had previously been cancelled for 2021, and will be rescheduled for 2022. No virtual event will be help in its place.

Roadside Book Festival (Tentative: September 11, 2021)

We continue to be in contact with the Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary and monitor the progress of the fight against the Pandemic. At this time, a decision has not been made on the fate of the 2021 event, and we will continue to watch the progress of vaccinations and AZDHS data. We anticipate a series of check dates as we approach the event, with each check date being an opportunity to announce any changes in the event's status. If we decide not to host an event in 2021, we will move the schedule to 2022, and we will not host a virtual event in its place.

Mesa Book Festival (Tentative: December 4, 2021)

We continue to be in contact with Benedictine University and similar to RBF, monitor conditions and trends. As the situation develops, we will announce more definitive plans. Should we decide to forgo a 2021 event, we will reschedule to 2022. We will nost no virtual event in its place.

In the Meantime-

Look for us to launch some fundraising efforts to gather rescources to enhance the experience for attendees for the next time the events are held. We'll have an additonal update in March on the status of each event, and most likely will announce monthly following the status of each event.

Also, look through the books you have purchased over the last several years from events and festivals. Take some time to look the authors up online. More than likely, they have continued to produce new work, and your support during this time when it is harder for them to reach readers would go a long way.

Thanks everyone for your patience,

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Bob Nelson
Executive Director
Anthology, Inc.

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