Hello, Book Crawlers!

We are excited to welcome you back for the second Mesa Book Crawl. Believe it or not, a lot has changed even from the 2022 event, and we have all the skinny for you, right here!

OK, so what's this about?

Well, let's start with the high level. You, as a "Book Crawler" will get to explore Downtown Mesa, AZ. You will start this journey at "Crawl HQ", the 101 Gallery in DT Mesa. From there, you'll follow your passport, meeting different authors and exploring different shops across downtown Mesa. You have your passport stamped as you go, earning stamps for meeting authors, buying books and meeting shop keepers and shopping with them as well.

All these stamps will come into play when you turn in your completed passport at the Neighborhood Comedy Theater, because the stamps enter you into drawings for Prizes.

This seems pretty fun.

Well, it is! You'll be meeting all kinds of new authors, and people in DT Mesa. They'll be food, drinks, clothes and of course, Books!

Where will I get my Passport?

We will have copies at the Crawl HQ:

The OneOhOne Gallery
101 W Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201

Or, Download and Print Your own right here ahead of time:

What do I do?

You follow the passport to each location in DT Mesa that is hosting authors. At each stop, you'll earn stamps:

  • 1 Stamp from the venue representative
  • 1 Stamp when you meet each author at that venue
  • 1 Stamp is you buy book(s) from the author(s) (1 stamp per official author if you buy one or more books from that author)
  • 1 Stamp if you enter a contest, drawing or raffle offered by the venue

Then, you take your completed Passport to the Turn In Location:

Neighborhood Comedy Theater
214 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201.

Staff will count your stamps for the number of Entries to win even MORE prizes after the event is over.

What Time should I show up?

Not too early :). We officially roll from 11am-4pm. Some authors will be ready to go sooner no doubt, but we wanted to give someof our later opening venues a chance to get themselves ready.

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