Mesa Book Festival: 2023 Vendor List

Welcome to the list of participating vendors for the 2023 Mesa Book Festival.

Independent authors, small publishers, and literary organizations abound in this list. Make sure you note your favorites and make plans to visit them on the day of the event.

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Signed books make great holiday gifts! Explore the authors and presses below and make your list of which ones you're going to visit day of. So many choices, you are bound to find a bunch that will round out your giving list. And that's OK, come see us at the admin tent, while supplies last we'll have free book festival bags for everyone to help you with your haul!

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    Yolanda's journey as a children's book author was shaped by a life of resilience and a deep passion for storytelling. Her path to writing was illuminated by the challenges she faced during her childhood. After being diagnosed with Alopecia, Yolanda found her purpose as an author, penning a book dedicated to children with Alopecia. Her goal's to inspire youth to embrace their unique qualities and to love themselves unconditionally. Her mission is to make the world a better place one book at time.

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  • Anni Sezate

    Anni Sezate is an elementary school teacher from Gilbert, Arizona. She received her education degree from Arizona State University, though she spent a semester living out her acting dreams as musical theater major. Anni is your typical right-brained lefty who spends most of her time reading, writing, drawing, and singing way too loudly to Broadway soundtracks. Anni is a proud daughter, sister, aunt, and Ravenclaw.

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  • Apocalypse Later Press

    Hal C. F. Astell is a critic, author, publisher and film festival director who runs the Apocalypse Later Empire in Phoenix, AZ. He has nine books in print through Apocalypse Later Press amd the monthly Apocalypse Later Zine. Apocalypse Later Reviews celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in 2022. The Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (ALIFFF) is in its sixth year and the Apocalypse Later Roadshow visits conventions across the southwest. More at

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  • Arizona State Poetry Society

    The Arizona State Poetry Society (ASPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational and literary organization dedicated to the art of poetry and to the appreciation, writing, reading, and speaking of poetry. We promote poetry at the state and local levels and serve to unite poets in fellowship and understanding. Arizona State Poetry Society has deep roots in the poetry communities of Arizona. We strive to encourage all poets through our Contests, Resources and Poets’ Marketplace.

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  • Arthur Phoenix

    Arthur T. Phoenix, the acclaimed author, has written five compelling books: a riveting music autobiography; a vivid, insightful, celebrity tell-all book; Phoenix Rising: Life’s New Beginning, a, powerful and inspiring guide to helping people find the key to their life anew; and two heartfelt children’s books.

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  • Barbara Wilson

    I grew up on a half acre of land next to a 164 acre farm in Sardis, Pennsylvania where my sister and I baled hay in spring and skied down our hill in winter. We also walked to the barn every day no matter what the weather, to care for our two horses. It was truly a charmed childhood. During my sophomore year of high school my dad moved us to Cass Lake, Michigan. I attended Eastern Michigan University, graduating with a BA in music education and a MA in Special Education. 

  • Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center, Chandler AZ

    Bhakti Vedanta Cultural center is a cultural organization that distributes the books printed by Bhakti Vedanta Book trust along with other cultural activities. Our center is located in 100 S Weber Dr, Chandler, AZ.

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  • Bledsoe, K.A.

    K. A. Bledsoe’s writing journey began at the age of six with a short story about kids growing up on a space station. Even through other jobs like scooping ice cream, shoe salesman, pharmacy tech, band director, and parenting, writing has been a constant.

    Born, raised and still residing in Arizona, the author continues to pen stories in all genres despite the distraction of house cats underfoot and the occasional bobcat or roadrunner strolling through the backyard.

  • Blood Bound Books

    Blood Bound Books is excited and grateful to celebrate 14 years of publishing the best dark fiction from authors around the globe. We may be known for our extreme horror titles, but we publish everything from supernatural thrillers to crime fiction. The Mission: Spreading Hope Through Dark Fiction We accomplish this by organizing blood drives, providing classroom sets of age-appropriate dark fiction books to teachers, and donating profits of certain books to ReadBetterBeBetter

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  • Brenda Stanley

    Brenda Stanley has been a television news anchor and investigative reporter for the NBC affiliate in Eastern Idaho for over 25 years. She is the author of six novels, including The Still Small Voice, the first place winner of the CIBA mystery award and a five star Readers Favorite. She is the mother of 5 children, including two sets of twins. Brenda and her husband, a veterinarian, live on a ranch along the Snake River.

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  • Brick Cave Media

    Based in Mesa, AZ and founded in 2006, Brick Cave Media publishes science fiction, fantasy and poetry books. Featured authors in the Brick cave booth include Sharon Skinner, Bruce Davis, Marcus Campbell, Patrick Hare and additional titles by JJM Czep, JA Giunta, and others.

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  • Catherine Young

    Catherine “Cat” Young was born in Great Yarmouth, England. The daughter of a petroleum engineer she was raised living and traveling around the world including Egypt, Italy and Saudi Arabia. Cat received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO and her master's degree in occupational therapy from the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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  • Dan O'Mahony

    Growing up, some of Dan O’Mahony’s best friends were fantasy books. He loved escaping to magical worlds, stepping into the shoes of its heroes, and having thrilling adventures with memorable companions. As an educator for over ten years now, he has guided students of all ages through classic and contemporary books, helping them get the most out of each one they read. When it came time for Dan to write his own books.

  • Dani Hoots/Fox Craft Apothecary

    Dani Hoots is a young adult sci-fi and fantasy author who is inspired by ancient tales. She has a background in anthropology, urban planning, herbal science, and sci-fi writing. She enjoys learning about history, astronomy, and plants, and in her spare time she is either watching anime, reading manga and books, playing the bagpipes, or drawing. Currently she is going back to school for classical studies.

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  • Desert Scrolls

    Erin Evans has led a life full of left-hand turns. She has competed as an international level athlete, served as a nuclear electrician’s mate in the Navy, and trained as a massage therapist. Currently living in Phoenix, she is a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful son and a creator of fantasy worlds.

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  • Duncan's Books and More

    Authors Jenn Czep, Avily Jerome, Ron Tobin, and Tam Chronin will be sharing space.

  • Emily Cooper

    Emily Cooper became a published author at age seventeen. She has written eight manuscripts, published seven, and is in the process of publishing another; she has many more novels to follow. Born in Dahm, Germany, Emily grew up as a military brat, traveling all across the United States of America. In 2010, she wrote a poem called, "Emily Cooper?". It was chosen and published in the Arizona Teen Zine magazine. She graduated from Queen Creek High School in 2011 and enlisted in the USAR.

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  • Emotional Embuffination

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  • Flat Mountain Publishing

    In 2019, Sohrab started writing children’s stories in his free time to entertain his two young children. He wrote off and on for about a year and a half before getting serious about writing in mid-2021 with the founding of his company, Flat Mountain Publishing.

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  • Friends of the Verde River, Phoebe Fox

    Working Collaboratively for a Healthy, Flowing Verde River system.

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